A year from now,

you will wish you started today

Karen Lamb

And this is my story.

Hello Guys!

Finally, I am here with my first post


I kept waiting for the perfect time to hit the publish button but you know… there is no perfect time to do anything, it’s either you do it now or you don’t. And this is what the wisest man that lived (King Solomon) says in the book of

Ecclesiastes 11 verse 4

He who watches the wind; waiting for all conditions to be perfect

will not sow seed and he who looks at the clouds will not reap a harvest.

 Looking back now, postponing this blog hasn’t been a wise decision but I’m glad I get to

“start now,

with doubts

with fear

with my hands shaking

and my voice trembling”

Sometimes, fear and people’s opinion will rip you of great opportunities to be creative, productive and express yourself.

And you know how good it feels to push a task or an idea forward. We always try to convince ourselves that we have enough time … But truth is, we don’t.

You’re probably asked to wash the rest room (my least favourite chore) or start working on a new business idea as soon as possible but for some reasons like …

  • having a busy schedule

Or …

  • piles of files to attend to in the office

you keep pushing that task and idea forward till its caught up in the web with a host of other things.


It’s pretty easy to do this but experience has taught me (the hard way) to do what needs to get done in the moment and move on to the next thing because life happens every second, every single minute and the earlier you hop on that train, the better.

In this day and age where ideas cannot be monopolized, it’s important to stay woke! Stay on your toes or someone, somewhere, miles away will conceive that same idea and go through with it.

A lot of times, having tasks and assignments jam packed can be overwhelming. For some people, panic attacks set in. This isn’t good for your health and mental well being because right now, you have to stretch yourself above and beyond to meet up with your already tight schedule or lifestyle.

Dealing with it ain’t easy but I’ve come to realize the best way to face a task is to look it in the face and chop it off bit by bit. Even if it looks like a giant at the moment, just start somewhere ‘cause the more you postpone, the bigger it gets.

You can,

  1. Start by writing it down on paper or on your device.
  2. Make a draft of the steps you have to follow through to get it done
  3. Spread it over a certain time frame on your calendar, say a week or a month
  4. Put a deadline on it
  5. Start off as soon as you can. If you have a pretty tight schedule for the day, start with it when you wake up the next day and continue to take it up gradually.

Over a span of two or three weeks, you will see how much you’ve been able to achieve.

This will go a long way to see that you’re done with that task


Your idea is up and running.

I hope this helps.

So, how do you deal with procrastination?

I’d love to hear from you.


Till next time, have a beautiful weekend





  1. What a nice piece, it reminds me of Joyce Meyer, who advocates that we do it afraid even though the situation doesn’t seem to pan out. Step out on the water like Peter trusting divinity. Pamela am glad PS has been birthed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My soul finds some sorta kinship with this post. Procrastination, is the one vice I fight and dread too because I know it can lead to complacency. In the times I’ve had to deal with it, I do that by just attacking the situation head on, and not spend time analyzing ‘what-ifs’. 😀
    I should take your advice and push something I’ve been meaning to birth for a long time now.
    Kudos Pam! We expect more.


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